Environmentally friendly collection and superior logistics

Lintire collects worn passenger car tires from large and small tire specialists all over the Netherlands. And this is where Lintire's adventure actually begins. We provide a customized service to each individual tire specialist and can serve our customers quickly and efficiently thanks to years of logistics' experience. Lintire works with Euro 6 trucks to facilitate transport as environmentally friendly as possible.

To ease the burden for tire specialists, Lintire uses the administrative system of RecyBEM (Band en Milieu, the Dutch Tire and Environment Association). That is why our customers have adopted the predicate “BEM OK! “ and thus automatically participate in the green economy.


Opt for the natural choice and participate by having your worn passenger car tires processed circularly and with that promote the recycling of valuable raw resources and the global reduction of CO2 emissions.

Lintire is a VACO-approved tire collection company and is ISO-9001-certified. Lintire is TÜV-certified in Germany and Recytire-certified in Belgium.

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