The discussion on the environmental impact of the worldwide production model of tires, frequently focuses on the management of tires that have reached the end of their useful life.

It is estimated that every year, a total of 1 billion End of Life Tires ( E.L.T. ) are generated. Disposing of these tires in an environmentally sound and productive manner is a high priority goal of the global tire business. Various regional initiatives have been launched to address this issue supported by government authorities, individual tire manufactures, and the broader tire industry.

We believe, as a leading tyre recycling company , our obligation and contribution to society is to create solutions which makes our planet a happy and clean place to live for future generations.

As a natural result of this Lintire and Dutch Green Carbon are proudly introducing the world’s first productive circular solution for the E.L.T. environmental problem. With our circular solution, we make it possible to transfer End of Life tires in new tires.

A natural choice which only starts from here.