Circulaire economie

A billion used tires are thrown away or burnt in furnaces around the world every year. This causes enormous environmental damage. Aside from the unnecessary environmental damage, tires contain many valuable components such as Carbon Black, oil, gas and steel, which can all now be recovered and, what's more, to a high quality. The components can be reused to manufacture new tires, tinctures, steel and other industrial products. Lintire and Dutch Green Carbon are therefore the first company in the world to move tire manufacturing from a linear (waste-based) economy to a circular (reuse) economy.

With each kilo of Carbon Black that we produce in our factory, we save 5 kilos of CO2 emissions.

Every single year, the factory saves the same amount of CO2 emissions as a million trees can absorb in one year. At the outset, our factory in Nederweert processes 1.5 to 2 million tires a year.

Background photo: rCB