Business Lintire

Lintire collects worn passenger car tires from tire specialists in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The tires are inspected and sorted after arrival at Vianen.

The approved tires are exported to customers around the world, for reuse or retreading. However, the rejected worn tires are milled into shreds. The shreds are circularly processed in the pyrolysis factory in Nederweert in cooperation with Dutch Green Carbon and Kargro recycling group.

Dutch Green Carbon is the first company in the world to process tires in a circular way. For this process, the company won Limburg's INNOVAWARD in 2015 and the Dutch Automotive Innovation Award in February 2017. Recently, the company was able to adorn itself with the cradle-to-cradle predicate!

Lintire processes used tires in a circular way and saves with its recycling factory the same amount of CO2 emissions as a million trees can absorb in one year.

We invite all tire specialists to have their used tires circularly recycled.

An important collective contribution to a cleaner world.